Private label funds: Independent expertise

Private label funds are a special form of investment fund: They combine the investment know-how of independent investment experts such as asset managers, investment boutiques or asset managers with the administration know-how of Universal-Investment.

Private label funds, also known as third or white label funds, give investors access to successful investment concepts and reputable investment professionals which might otherwise only be accessed by a specific circle of investors. Well-known examples of such reputable companies are Acatis, Berenberg, Mayr Investment Managers, Merck Finck, sentix, XAIA or Dr. Joachim Berlenbach from the Earth Resource Investment Group. Private label funds open up the world of these specialists and their successful long-standing investment concepts to a broader circle of investors.

Work distribution and specialisation are important elements of private label funds: The investment company functions as an efficient administration platform for the asset managers, taking over such tasks as fund accounting as well as highly-specialised services such as fund compliance or risk measurement supplemented by sales and marketing activities. This enables the fund advisor to concentrate wholly on the successful realisation of his or her investment strategy.

Private label funds from Universal-Investment mostly bear the abbreviation "UI" or "Universal" in the fund name and can therefore be readily recognised by the investor.

Universal-Investment: Pioneer and market leader in private label funds

Universal-Investment has been launching private label funds since 1970 and is therefore one of the pioneers of independent capital investment. Backed by these long years of experience, we have gained expertise in the administrative, technical and legislative specialities of private label funds and are proud to offer maximum quality and transparency.

As market leader in private label funds, Universal-Investment unites the investment know-how of more than 170 asset managers, private banks and investment boutiques worldwide into an exceptional collection of more than 530 first-class private label funds. Depending on the market situation, risk appetite and investment goal, investors can choose from a vast universe of mutual funds offering a diverse range of investment philosophies and styles.

Investment funds: Ideal for private investors

Investment funds, including the private label funds of Universal Investment, are a very interesting form of investment for private individuals. They create efficient access to the capital market – with all its opportunities and risks. At the same time, investment funds offer a simple possibility of diversifying risk even at a low capital stake. Investors profit from the expertise of fund managers and leave the decision making - i.e. the stock picking or asset allocation (the division of invested funds over the various asset classes) - up to the professionals.

Investments funds are strictly regulated and controlled and therefore offer a maximum of transparency as well as insolvency protection. As a rule, investment funds are traded on a daily basis so that investors can avail themselves of their capital without fuss or bother. The variety on offer to investors is enormous and ranges from classic German equity and bond funds, across global investment strategies to developing country products or alternative investment strategies under the cloak of an investment fund.

You can find out more about the basic concept of investment funds by visiting the web site of the sector association BVI.

Here you will find detailed information on our broad range of private label funds.

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