Collecting, assessing and weighting data correctly and accurately

The analysis and budgeting of risks are playing an increasingly important role for institutional investors. As a result risk management is the key tool in mastering the rising tide of data and weighting them from a risk point of view.

However, many institutional investors only have access to limited resources of their own for carrying out professional risk management and the relevant reporting.

Scenario analysis and stress testing round off our sophisticated risk management

Universal-Investment actively helps clients to break down this information overload, providing important orientation and guidance. We do not limit this to a risk management that merely meets the requirements of the derivatives ordinance. We prioritise detailed risk analyses, for example item-specific value-at-risk calculations with individual confidence levels and holding periods plus sensitivity analysis and customisable risk reporting.

And all this across all investment types (funds, direct investments, real estate) including simulated scenarios of potential changes on capital markets (scenario analysis/stress testing). The software we use offers a high degree of design flexibility: we can adapt all analyses and reports to the specific needs of the client.

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