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‘eReporting’ is Universal-Investment’s online reporting portal for institutional investors and fund initiators. It contains up-to-the-minute and flexible reports on the funds of investors and fund initiators.
Both groups can view the latest data or access historical constellations. All reports can be accessed by individual fund (by segment for segment/master structures) and also on a cross-fund basis.

eReporting portal: flexible, customised and comprehensive

Alongside the option of generating ad hoc and online reports, clients can order one-off or regular reports that Universal-Investment supplies via an inbox on its investment portal or also sends by email. This personal archive allows users to access our fund valuations round the clock.

Our eReporting portal offers several advantages:

- Maximum security: user-based access and SSL encryption, access to general and reporting-specific news, overview of the latest reports (inbox) at all times
- Maximum flexibility: all reports and documents can be downloaded in various formats, electronic archive function (reports, contracts, minutes, etc)
- Superior comfort: users can configure and order one-off or regular reports via the Report Order Centre – according to their specifications
- High-tech internet portal: fully interactive and dynamic, personalisable and ultra-modern technology

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