Risk Management

Reducing risks and simultaneously opening up new return opportunities: good risk management can do both. However professional risk management is not a static but a dynamic process that is adjusted to each market situation.

Efficient risk management is the core element in recognising risks and making the appropriate decisions.

Universal-Investment offers internal risk control

For Universal-Investment risk management is a core competency: we see ourselves as an independent internal control body that represents the interests of investors within the chosen fund concept and monitors their implementation on an ongoing basis.

At the same time, we offer clients solutions for new issues such as value-at-risk overlay, portable alpha and other derivative strategies.

We do this with a team that specialises in market risk management and derivative financial products and with state-of-the-art software.

Universal-Investment offers all services for risk management with the exception of advice services. The consulting mandates, especially for other investment trusts, are taken over by Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A., either via Luxemburg itself or by the branch of Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A.

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You can expect more than legislation and regulation: our risk reporting across all investments including scenario analysis and stress testing.
Pure fund administration is a thing of the past, today it’s a question of supplementary services and added value. Here you find out which customised services we offer.

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