Aim: ensuring a cost-effective market rate of return

Index funds are designed to replicate the performance of a stock market index with a real portfolio of securities in order to secure a market rate of return. Index funds are thus a transparent alternative to actively managed portfolios.

Investors are assured of cost-effective access to almost all markets. Multi-market combinations are also possible, a factor which gives investors a broadly diversified portfolio.

Universal-Investment offers a wide variety of solutions for passive index mandates. We have offered passive management solutions since 1998, both for equities and for bonds. We can replicate almost all benchmarks, whereby a passive strategy benefits most from its cost advantages in liquid and efficient markets in particular.

Various index strategies possible

Depending on a variety of factors (client wishes, benchmark, volume), we offer various indexation strategies (full and partial replication). Optimisation and stratified sampling are possible with partial replication.

Universal-Investment offers all services for passive Indexmandates with the exception of advice services. The consulting mandates, especially for other investment trusts, are taken over by Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A., either via Luxemburg itself or by the branch of Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A.

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