Ensuring values when it’s important

Guaranteed value concepts are intended to let investors participate in bull markets while limiting the downside risk when markets are falling.

Hedging strategies become more important for many investors in particular when equity markets are falling. For the administration of portfolios with a built-in value guarantee a systematic hedging strategy is a priority. The aim is to reduce absolute market risk.

As a supplementary service, Universal-Investment offers both static (stop loss via futures / options) and dynamic hedging strategies (CPPI, TIPP, VaR).

All strategies can be implemented at an individual fund level or via a separate segment at main fund level (overlay management). 

Universal-Investment offers all services for guranteed value concepts with the exception of advice services. The consulting mandates, especially for other investment trusts, are taken over by Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A., either via Luxemburg itself or by the branch of Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A.


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