Direct investments: accounting and/or reporting under one roof

A high degree of transparency and up-to-date information are very important for institutional investors in everything involving their investments. But this is often the weakest link because the individual investments tend to be administered by different institutions, with each one submitting its own reports.

As a result, investors need to carry out their own – time consuming and error prone – data consolidation. And that’s not all: they then need to process the raw data in several more steps according to their specific needs.

Beyond standard reporting

This is where Universal-Investment offers efficient value added services. We can represent, system controlled, the direct investments for accounting purposes according to HGB and IFRS, and integrate them into the reporting functionalities requested by investors or into our

This means we can compile, in an automated manner and for any period, audit-proof direct investment-related partial balance sheets and partial profit and loss statements. This allows investors to save capacity by transferring the accounting functionalities of their direct investments to Universal-Investment’s specialised accounting platform for financial instruments.

We can just as easily represent the consolidated fund and direct investment portfolios via
e-reporting and give investors an itemised overview of all their assets.

In addition, these data can of course also be incorporated into a comprehensive risk reporting system – including various scenario analyses and stress tests. The only thing we need to have is regular data on the direct investments.

For this purpose, we provide flexible interfaces and then nothing else stands in the way of our reporting services!

To assist our clients and strategic partners, we have set up specialised teams who will be introducing themselves here.

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