New: UI-ADVANCED Investment-AG

Since the amendment to the Investment Law, the Investment-AG represents the latest in investment vehicles. As institutional investor, it offers you a vast range of advantages which you can make optimum use of in combination with our expertise. UI-ADVANCED Investment-AG offers solutions to demands for:

- more return without greater risk,
- a genuine alternative to special funds,
- a solution in keeping with international investment

Die UI-Advanced Invesmtent-AG: Das Anlagevehikel der Stunde

You can rely on our knowledge and our experience for selecting the better alternative, investing in an existing Investment-AG or setting up an Investment-AG of your own:

Concentrated know-how – Universal-Investment offers indepth advice on launching and implementing as well as on all aspects covering capital investments. We work closely togherter with compentent partners for legal issues and specialist in Investment AGs.

Better consulting – With Universal-Investment you can rely on one of the largest consulting teams of all German KVGs in the institutional area.

Perfect processes – You can profit from administration which we have been continuously expanding and optimising for 40 years.

You are planning to launch a special fund and are looking for a partner for your fund concept? We will be happy to help you. Come and have a talk with us!

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